If you’re new to planning events or evaluating a new gift provider, you probably have lots of questions. And even if you’re an experienced pro, it pays to revisit some key topics with your suppliers every time you plan an event.

We recently put together a list of 25+ questions based on our 19 years of experience in the field. They’re all important, but here are the top 10 we suggest you ask of every supplier you’re considering:

  1. Do you offer the most current styles for the gifts I’ve selected?
  2. Can you guarantee my gift won’t be found online at a discounted price?
  3. What warranty is available for my gift?
  4. Who will staff and execute my event?
  5. What is your onsite staff-to-attendee ratio?
  6. Do you charge extra for onsite staffing?
  7. Who pays your onsite staff’s travel costs?
  8. What are your cancellation fees?
  9. How can you help me save on shipping, taxes and duties?
  10. Are custom items available for event or company co-branding?

Want to hear our answers to these 10 questions — and any others you’re curious about? Reach out anytime at corporategifts@mauijim.com