McDonald’s can claim “billions and billions served” on its signs. We’re not quite to that level yet, but we’re gaining on them! We recently had some fun putting together the key numbers behind Maui Jim Corporate Gifts. Take a look:

1,606,596 (and counting): number of sunglasses gifted

11,305 (and counting): number of events executed

5,127: participants at our largest event (so far)

267: years of combined experience in the industry on our team (that works out to 17.8 per person)

106: countries visited

6: continents visited (who wants to plan the first event in Antarctica?)

The truth’s right there in black and white: Nobody has more experience helping you plan and execute a gifting experience than Maui Jim. No matter where you’re hosting your event, and no matter what the size, we’re here to make it as simple, stress-free and memorable as possible. But don’t take our word for it — hear what these event planners and guests have to say!