Picture yourself at the grocery store. You need spaghetti sauce, and you’re staring at a shelf of 12 different brands and 47 different varieties. Once you finally make a decision, you’re on to cereal — where you encounter even more options. And so it goes throughout the supermarket. No wonder so many of us dread grocery shopping!

That experience is what scientists call “choice overload,” and research shows it triggers frustration, mental fatigue and sometimes even a sense of loss when people realize they can’t choose everything on offer. We know those aren’t the feelings you’re looking to generate at your next event, and that’s why we chuckle when we hear other gifting providers say, “But you can’t just offer sunglasses. You have to give your guests a choice of products!”

The beauty of a Maui Jim fitting experience is that you ARE offering a choice — the option to pick the perfect pair of sunglasses — without overwhelming your guests. “If you have to waste your time choosing between options that are marginally different then it takes too much energy,” says Axel Linder, a neurobiologist at the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research. “It takes so much effort, and the effort discounts the value of what you eventually get.”

Go with the right choice, not multiple choice. Keep your guests happy and your value high — start planning your Maui Jim fitting experience today!