Jenny Davis

Event Specialist: Mid-Atlantic and Northwest


  • How did you start your journey and begin with Maui Jim?
    I started as a summer temp in the repair department during college. Once I graduated, I came back and have held roles in Maui Jim repairs, Zeal Optics customer service, repairs, sales support, and event sponsorship. Four years ago I started as an event specialist in Corporate Gifts, and have been on the road since!
  • What’s the most interesting place your travels have taken you?
    Being on the road quite a bit, I have enjoyed a lot of beautiful places. However, I would have to say Banff, Canada and Barcelona, Spain are a couple of my favorites!
  • What’s the best thing about owning a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses?
    The lenses! It is unreal how clear everything looks through a pair of our lenses! Aside from the glasses themselves, the repair & customer service departments are the best if anything should happen to your glasses.
  • What’s something people don’t know about Maui Jim that they should know?
    Glasses broken or damaged? Send them in to our repair department! I hear of so many people throwing their broken glasses away, when they could send them in and get them repaired for a lower cost than buying a new pair!
  • What’s the best gift you’ve ever received (and why)?
    Heirloom jewelry. There is something incredibly special about gifts with sentimental value. Especially when I have seen generations before me wearing it, and now it is my turn!
  • If you were a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses, which style would you be (and why)?
    Maui Sunrise Mavericks. They are a stylish and classic pair of glasses with a sporty flare. In addition, the pink lens gives them the additional feminine touch, and I think that describes me perfectly!