Questions to ask when looking for a gift

We want to make sure that you receive the most flawless and memorable experience for you and your guests. Here are some good questions to ask.


Getting ready for your event
  • Will there be a dedicated team that you will work with throughout the process?
  • Do you have to purchase all of the inventory prior to the event?
  • Are customized items available for event or company co-branding?


  • What additional costs are there for onsite staffing?
  • What are the onsite staff’s travel costs? Are you responsible for- hotel, flights, food and beverage?
  • What are the restocking charges for extra inventory?
  • What are processing and billing charges for drop shipments and add-on orders?
  • Is there fixed pricing, or will the total be determined by what gift is chosen by the guest?
  • Are you working directly with the manufacturer to get the inventory or are you working with another reseller? Each layer adds another layer of markups.
  • What are the minimums and maximums?
  • What is the deposit needed to secure your event?
  • What are the cancellation fees?
International Events
  • What do they offer that assures successful international event execution?
  • Do they have distribution centers throughout the world to help with shipping cost?
  • What is done to help provide savings on shipping, duties and taxes?
  • Are current and latest styles available for that brand?
  • What guarantee is there that the items gifted won’t be found online at a discount rate?
  • What sort of warranty is there for the gift?
Onsite Experience
  • Do you offer a true brand experience with company employees, or will the people executing the event be subcontracted?
  • What sort of training do your onsite event specialists go through about the products offered?
  • How does your onsite staff make this gift an experience?
  • What is the onsite staff to attendee ratio?
  • What do they do to ensure we won’t run out of product at the event?
  • How is it ensured that the items in the package agreed to at the purchasing point will still be available at the time of the event? What is done if the items are not available?
  • How much inventory is sent to ensure all event participants walk away with their first choice item?
  • What is the demographic split for the gift?