What’s New in Corporate Gifting?

At Maui Jim, we set the gold standard in experiential gifting. That’s why industry groups often seek our insights into what makes gifts and events memorable. We’re happy to share our expertise with them – and with you.

The Impact of Fitting Events & Gifting Experiences – January 2019

Since Maui Jim pioneered the experiential gifting concept almost two decades ago, the well respected, Premium Incentive Product magazine reached out to get our thoughts on how to successfully incorporate experiential gifting into your next event.
Read what the experts have to say about how common misconception such as choice and providing tips so you don’t get stuck with any surprises.

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NACDA’s Athletics Administration – June 2019

The latest NACDA Athletics Administration publication that just came out. Read about three lessons for choosing a quality gift that engages and motivates your guests.

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Branding the right way for incentive trip gifts
Branding the Right Way for Incentive Trip Gifts

Branding everything is not always necessary for incentive trip gifts. Read Brightspot’s blog post to see how and when logoed gifts are appropriate.

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What Top Performing Technology Companies Do Differently for Incentives and Rewards

What are technology companies doing differently? Read more about how are they motivating their employees? What are they doing different than anyone else?

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Podcast: Gifting Experiences that WOW

Want to learn more about adding the WOW factor to an event? Here is a great podcast with Kip Lambert from Destinations and our very own Jonathan, that talks about making an impact at your next event.

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Screen time: Digital Eye Strain Abounds, But Awareness Lags Despite Treatment Options

Are you under the assumption that the headaches and sleeping problems are just part of the gig when you work infront of a screen for the majority of the day? Well you’re not the only one.

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Video – Part 3: The Evolution of Gifting

Part 3 of Lindsey Richmond‘s Gifting Best Practices video series. Today’s topic: The Evolution of Gifting. Some out-of-the-box examples of creative ways to use the right gift to motivate individuals to action!

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Brett Hatch Reflects on the Event Gifting Industry

Brett Hatch, Senior Director of Global Gifts for Maui Jim, was a major force in developing the event gifting category. RRN recently caught up with Hatch to get his insights on the channel his company helped create. 

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Forget Cash. Here Are Better Ways to Motivate Employees

In today’s tight job market, employers must focus on how to attract and keep top talent. Giving away stacks of money may not always be the best incentive, warns Ashley Whillans.

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Welcome to the ‘ohana Manchester United

Maui Jim is excited to announce a multi-year partnership with Manchester United. Welcome to the ‘ohana Manchester United!

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Video – Part 2: Experiential Gifting

Part 2 of Lindsey Richmond’s Gifting Best Practices video series. Today’s topic: Experiential Gifting. Let us know if there are any topics you’d like to see covered.

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Karen Suttle 2019 IRF’s newest Board Member

Maui Jim Corporate Gifts is proud of our Sales Manager in the Central Region, Karen Suttle, that is a new 2019 IRF Board of Trustee Member.

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Video – Part 1: Aspirational Gifting and High Perceived Value

Leaving it to our very own Lindsey Richmond, who said it best in her latest video. Part 1 of her video series is Gifting Best Practices. Let us know if there’s a topic you’d like to see covered.

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Meeting Trends for 2019

Wellness will be an essential component for planners to incorporate into their 2019 meetings and events, focusing on the complete physical, mental and social well-being of their attendees.

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2019 IRF Outlook Study

Maui Jim Corporate Gifts is proud to align with The Incentive Research Foundation’s (IRF) most recent survey results. IRF has released the 2019 Industry Outlook Study results. Sunglasses are still the #1 gift along with a experiential gifting on the rise.

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Maui Jim staying strong with new styles

Maui Jim is best known for stylish frames and a thin PolarizedPlus2 lens that helps combat sun glare and harmful UV rays. This fall, the Hawaii-based sunglass manufacturer has added several new sunglasses to its collection of over 125 styles.

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Jonathan Richards Awarded Member of the Year

So proud Jonathan is part of the Maui Jim ‘ohana. With almost 25 years in the industry, Jonathan received a well deserved Member of the Year Award from SITE Texas. Congratulations Jonathan!

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Experiential Gifting: What is it and Why it Matters

Flip to page 19 to learn about how experiential gifting is a proven method for creating meaningful connections with your steakholders and attendees.

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Results of the first pan-industry study

SITE, IRF, and FICP recently joined efforts in a pan-industry study of the global incentive travel sector. See some of the results here or watch live on Facebook as they review the entire study at IMEX next week.

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Blue Light: How are digital screens affecting you

We’re sure you’ve heard about blue light, but do you know how it affects you and your event guests? There are studies out there that prove the long term affects of blue light. Research has been done to show how digital blue light is contributing to age-related macular degeneration.

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Questions to ask your gift provider

Know what to ask when looking for a memorable gifting experience. We want to make sure that you receive the most flawless and memorable experience for you and your guests. Here are some good questions to ask.

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Voice of the Market, Part 1

There has been a corresponding expansion of research on the non-cash reward and recognition market. Numerous studies are published each year explicating the use and effectiveness of non-cash rewards. These studies provide critical statistics that help providers and program owners understand the marketplace.

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Hear from those in the industry

Read what others in the industry consider good qualities to look for in your gifting provider. Personal touch and company history are just two things to look for when choosing your corporate gifting experience.

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Merchandise Awards Stay Strong

Ever question yourself if cash rewards are a better option for your group? Incentive’s 2018 Merchandise IQ survey has come out with information to support that giving merchandise is strong and the brand is important.

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The Benefits of Tangible Non-Monetary Incentives

There is perhaps no subject debated more frequently (or as vehemently) by incentive program practitioners and their clients than the value of tangible, non-monetary (also referred to as non-cash) incentives versus cash. This article reviews the four psychological processes of how the recipient receives gifts.

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Award Program Value & Evidence Study

This paper attempts to identify and discuss both the hard, tangible and intangible benefits of incentive, reward and recognition initiatives and how those benefits can be captured – measured where possible – and conveyed. Part 1 of this study discusses the role of recognition in incentive, reward and recognition initiatives and the broad benefits of cash and non-cash rewards.

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SITE Announces New Professional Certification

SITE (Society of Incentive Travel Excellence) launches a new professional certification (CITP) that focuses on professionals from the world of incentive travel. Our very own Jonathan Richards, CIS (Sales Manager, Northwest US, Mexico, and Europe) was among the first candidates to take the new certification. CITP was formally launched at IMEX Frankfurt in May 2018.

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Choice Overload

Offering a variety of choices in your gifting experience sounds like a good idea, “something for everyone”, but research shows, people get overwhelmed and don’t want the range of choices. Offering a variety within one channel of options gives your guest the opportunity to choose what they would like without getting overwhelmed.

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Face-to-Face Interaction in a Digital World

In a world that is so digitally focused, there is nothing like face-to-face interaction. An experiential gift is a great option for your event. Provide a gift that encourages people to interact while trying on glasses and experience networking and fun in a natural way. Read more about the Meeting Trend of the Importance of Face-to-Face Networking.

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Living Aloha

We live Aloha everyday and we bring that spirit to your event. The Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) has done a case study on the Maui Jim culture. We live and breathe spirit and do everything in our power to always make your experience easy, fun and memorable.

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The Right Fit

Read about the latest trends in the gifting industry. Experiential gifting is on the rise, but make sure you read what the experts have to say about challenges, tips for success and questions to ask to ensure you don’t get stuck with any surprises.

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2018 Incentive Outlook is now available

Industry experts are optimistic about the economy and its impact on U.S. incentive travel and reward programs. That’s according to the Incentive Research Foundation’s 2018 Outlook Study.

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Insights Into Incentives

Return on experience vs. return on investment. The impact of Millennials. The growing importance of security. Check out the highlights from Incentive magazine’s 16th annual industry roundtable.

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Maui Jim “Inspires” BI WORLDWIDE

Discover why BI WORLDWIDE recently named Maui Jim an “Inspirational Partner” for consistently demonstrating responsiveness and clear communication in the event industry.

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Top 10 Trends for Incentive Travel, Reward and Recognition Programs

As part of the 2018 Outlook Study, there are 10 trends for Incentive Travel, Reward and Recognition Programs in 2018.

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Maui Jim Stands Out in 2017 Survey

When asked about “best gifts,” respondents to Incentive magazine’s 2017 Corporate Gift IQ Survey mention Maui Jim more than any other brand. See what else made their “best” and “worst” lists.

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8 Rules for On-Site Gifting

Corporate gifting professionals, including Maui Jim’s Brett Hatch, share their top tips for incorporating merchandise awards into travel programs.

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25 Most Influential People in Incentives

Every year Incentive magazine selects 25 individuals making the biggest impact in the incentive industry. Find out why Maui Jim’s Brett Hatch made this prestigious list as one of the five “change makers.”

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Make your gift part of the experience

Don’t just choose a gift – choose a gift that fits your puzzle and enhances the experience. Read this story about how Maui Jim helped go the extra mile to personalize this event experience.

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